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Zimbabwe has become a forgotten land.
Today, with no light cast on the dark shadows of Robert Mugabe’s relentless tyranny, the downtrodden people of one of Africa’s most hauntingly beautiful nations feel rightfully abandoned by the world.
Their modest hope devoured by the malice and greed of politicians, Zimbabwe’s people have nowhere to turn and, against the brutality of the police and military, no strength to cry out in the dark.
Award-Winning documentary photographer, Robin Hammond, provides a critical voice to this lost generation of African’s dying of disease, poverty and neglect.
By baring witness to a nations great despair, at personal risk to himself and those brave enough to help him, he brings one of Africa’s most enduring and important crisis back into the spotlight – into an unhindered space of free expression and protest where the voices of Zimbabwe’s dispossessed can once again be heard.

Dan McDougall. Award-Winning Africa Correspondent. The Sunday Times of London

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