YU: the lost country by Dragana Jurisic


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YU: the lost country by Dragana Jurisic

Yu: The Lost Country is a deceptively simple book, loaded with dark memories and hauntings. Only at the end, in an essay, do we hear Jurisic’s own account of the war that fractured her Yugoslavia. She writes: “The story of me as a photographer starts on the day when my family apartment got burned down together with the thousands of prints and negatives my father, an ardent amateur photographer, had accumulated. On that day, I became one of those ‘refugees’ with no photographs, with no past … That day I learned the power photography has over memory. The day after the fire was the last time my father took a photograph, a perfunctory snapshot to record the damage for the insurance company. When he stopped, I started.

We can never go home: an elegy for a lost Yugoslavia by Sean O’Hagan on The Guardian

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