Whitewash by Harit Srikhao


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Whitewash by Harit Srikhao

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Whitewash focuses on Thailand's political situation since 2010 and asks its citizens to question their government

Inspired by bizarre and discordant memories of the 2010 violent riot in Thailand, Harit Srikhao’s Whitewash explores the mechanism behind the mental surgery of citizens through propaganda in a post-truth society,
employing an original visual vocabulary borrowed from both fetish fantasies, Hindu religious tropes and classic Thai imagery.

Whitewash by Harit Srikhao Tipiboookshop

Showing the backstage of the fabrication of truth, Whitewash questions the use of photography and images as tools employed for social domination as well as the notion itself of reality.
Whitewash is the first book of Harit Srikhao, which features both the original series Whitewash and Mt Meru.

Whitewash by Harit Srikhao Tipiboookshop

BJP: How do you make your images?

HS: I started with a documentary approach, returning to the places where I was experiencing the uprising in 2010 and photographing them. Then, I edited those photos through collage techniques. I felt this reflected how I wanted to talk about a surgery, cutting the paper. I chose to use a paper cutter instead of using Photoshop as it left scratches and clues that I needed.

Whitewash by Harit Srikhao Tipiboookshop

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