Ville de Calais by Henk Wildschut




Villes de Calais by Henk Wildschut

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« Avoir peur de l’autre avant même de le connaître : c’est ça, l’encampement du monde. » Michel Agier

My visits to Calais started in January 2006, shortly after I read that hundreds of refugees and illegal immigrants from Iraq, Afghanistan, Eritrea, Somalia, the Sudan and Pakistan were bivouacking in the woods around the French port city of Calais. To them, Calais was the departure point for the final and most sought-after crossing of what had often been a long journey of escape. The crossing to England: the destination of their dreams.

Villes de Calais by Henk Wildschut TIPIBOOKSHOP

In the woods around the city, I discovered numerous colourful shacks made out of sheets, clothing and various waste materials, carefully tied together with bits of string and tape. It quickly became clear to me that this motley collection of shelters had become my personal symbol for illegality. I was fascinated by the way in which the inhabitants retained their self respect, despite the deplorable situation.

Villes de Calais by Henk Wildschut TIPIBOOKSHOP

That dignity was expressed in all manner of ways; the neatly folded clothes, the sleeping bags and blanket hung out, the way the surroundings were kept clean and waste disposed of. In the layout of their huts and the creation of small gardens, the inhabitants expressed their personality and individuality. I was moved by this need for security and homeliness. I wanted to use my photography to show how people retain their humanity in an inhuman situation. They symbolise the resilience of the individual.

Villes de Calais by Henk Wildschut TIPIBOOKSHOP
Villes de Calais by Henk Wildschut TIPIBOOKSHOP

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