Turistica by Carlo Rusca


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Turistica by Carlo Rusca

The German noun Heimat has no exact equivalent in English. It is an oblique reference to the place where you were born, where you feel at home.

It is a sort of emotional place where you belong, rather than any geographical space. Carlo Rusca’s work may be an example of Heimat. Just may. Because he calls it Turistica.

It all started in around 2010, when Carlo Rusca left Locarno, where he had lived since childhood, to go and study in Lugano. After school, he worked in Hamburg and then in Brazil. In 2016 the return to his homeland brought before him a reality he knew well but remembered differently.

He went back to living in the family home and faced the disorientation of dealing with the habits of a life he knew but no longer recognized. By now he had other memories, other experiences, and another lifestyle. Photography was to become the means to attempt his journey in search of possible roots, and to return to places that once had been familiar.

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