Trova by Gilles Roudière


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Trova by Gilles Roudière

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Gilles Roudière belongs to this family of intuitive and sensitive photography, he does not say the world as it is, but what it feels. Also in the pictures of Cuba as the book, he has no intention of testimony, nor documentary intent. Nothing is ever descriptive. No index, no geographical or social study. This is not his plan. “

With Trova, Gilles Roudière signed a photographic tour across the country, in the manner of Hispanic trovadores. He lets himself be carried away by his journey and delivers powerful black and white images, with exploded grain. Without ever stopping at the surface of things, free from clichés and any exotic temptation, his photographs are between fiction and reality a film that comes straight out of a movie. Photographs often on the border of surrealism, carried by a fascinated and fascinating look. “

Caroline Bénichou

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