Traces within by Eva Voutsaki


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Traces within by Eva Voutsaki

The format for Traces Within was based on the idea of drifting through memories, the intention was to create a book with no obvious beginning or end and allow the viewer to drift through the photos.

Eva’s eloquent dream-like pictures have been plucked, as if random, from the flow of events; she tracks them through the spaces of the everyday capturing glimpses of random beauty, sweet joy and haunting fear.

Following the logic of the dream-work or the film they form temporary fragmentary narratives, that remain for a while, and then disappear, re-emerging in some other form-some further re-working of memory and time.

Traces within by Eva Voutsaki

These pictures do have the quality of hallucination: of events misremembered that remain in our imaginations like screen memories, disguising what might have been true.
Joanna Lowry

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