Totes Gebirge by Agnes Prammer


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„Totes Gebirge“ combines photographs by the artists Johann Schoiswohl and Agnes Prammer.

With two very different approaches they both circle around the topic of death.

“The intention is mostly an engagement with death and how
one can cope with loss. With the loss of a very close person.
However, every person probably finds its own way of dealing
with this, and I liked go into the mountains very often; I went
outside a lot. I took a camera with me and just took some pictures.
It was a process – although, in the beginning, I was probably
not aware of it. I just did it and started to take the camera with
me. I just took photos. In the beginning they were nearly all
photos in memoriam… When you go into the mountains and
you associate it with a person with whom you have been there
together… then you just take… In the beginning I took photos
based on precise memories. Of places and areas where we
had been together. But after a while I did this less and less and
I photographed in a more general way. But always paths, or,
what I also liked to photograph, the view of the mountains over
the lake. But I never photographed from the top of a moun
tain, for example. I’m less interested in that. I am more curious
about the process – the walking and the path and what you
experience – that you go into the mountains; of course this
includes experiencing the hiking, but not in the sense that you
arrive at the peak and that’s the end of the journey and you
take a picture there. But rather, that you simply try to explain,
that you are just trying… dealing with death is similar to going
into the mountains: You are standing in front of a big moun
tain range. You are watching the vast rock faces. You cannot
find a path; somehow, you think there is no way through – I
know that sounds a little bit kitschy – you think there is no way
through, but then you start walking and you find the way step
by step. You realize that there is a path, and that most of the
time it is relatively easy. Maybe you have to climb a little bit,
but it is relatively easy. The way appears while walking. That’s
somehow like dealing with loss. That you go slowly. That it’s
also a process.

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