This must be the place by Bärbel Praun


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This must be the place by Bärbel Praun

An old Italian way of saying tells that the quality of an handmade embroidery is to be evaluated from the backside of the fabric, normally hidden from view: if it is excellently crafted, it will look like a lacework, too. As it often happens, traditional wisdom provides us a simple answer, which entails a different way of truly observing what we are looking at. Real beauty is never obvious. To see beyond the obvious is equal to meditate.

In my very first encounter with Bärbel Praun’s photographs, I right away thought they could be
considered as pure acts of meditation. My impression was that there is nothing superfluous in her images – no aesthetic complacency, no seek for meaning nor message – and the more I have progressed in knowing her work, the more I have confirmed the initial feeling. Photography is for Bärbel a slow apprenticeship in the art of deeply observing reality as it presents itself in the current moment. Could it be a stone, a feather, a hand or a pile of snow: anything is worth a careful gaze, because nothing will last forever.

excerpt from the postface :A thread in the weave by Paola Paleari from YET mag

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