The Quickening by Ying Ang


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The Quickening by Ying Ang

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Our society favours shrinking down the motherhood experience to only one emotion, preferably a positive one.

Photography is complicit in this emotional distancing. We need to look no further than our family albums, bursting with only smiles and joy. They evidence a past rewritten, burying all the messy, complicated stuff that lingers in our memories. While the discussion of motherhood remains fairly shallow in mainstream culture, a new generation of photographers are using the camera to tackle the complex and often contradictory emotions of family life.

The quickening’ is a medical term used to describe the moment in pregnancy when the baby’s movements are felt for the first time – a surreal and otherworldly experience, and an apt metaphor for the destabilising sensation of motherhood.

“Birth is not merely that which divides women from men: it also divides women from themselves, so that a woman’s understanding of what it is to exist is profoundly changed,” Rachel Cusk wrote in A Life’s Work.

Finalist for the Vevey Images Grand Prix for 2019
Julia Margaret Cameron Award Honorable Mention for 2019
Solo exhibition at Rencontres d’Arles 2019
Winner of the BIFA Documentary Photo Book Prize 2020
Finalist for the Lucie Foundation Photo Book Prize 2020
Tokyo International Foto Award Honorable Mention for 2020
Official Selection for the London International Creative Competition 2020
Finalist for the Perimeter x PHOTO 2021 International Photobook Prize
Winner of Belfast Photo Festival 2021
Bronze medal for the Documentary Book Prize at the Moscow International Foto Awards 2021
Px3 Paris Photo Award Honorable Mention for 2021

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