The Absence of Two by Akihito Yoshida


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The Absence of Two by Akihito Yoshida

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Concept, edit and art-direction developed in the 2016 Photobook as Object workshop by Yumi Goto and Jan Rosseel

The Absence of Two by Akihito Yoshida tells the story of Daiki and his grandmother, who lived in Kunitomi a small and peaceful rural town located in the Miyazaki Prefecture, Kyushu, Japan.
Her grandmother raised and took care of Daiki from the time he was a child by living, eating and sleeping with him in the same room together.

Their time together over many years gave birth to a bond that transcended the usual relationship between “grandmother” and “grandchild”- a strong sense of trust flowed within both of them.

“Since I grew up showered by grandma’s affection, I think it’s natural that I take care of her until she dies.”
True to his words, Daiki remained by my grandmother’s side ever after becoming a student at a nursing university, continuing to live with her and fully devoting himself to her care. Daiki

This story was supposed to come to an end with my grandmother’s death, which would no doubt come in the not-so-distant future. However, it unexpectedly ended in a different way.
At the end of February in 2014, Daiki suddenly went missing. There being nothing she could do, my grandmother just stood in front of the window and kept waiting for Daiki to return home. Almost a year passed without any word of his whereabouts, until one day, Daiki’s body was found, and this brought an end to the 23 years of his life. As if following in his footsteps, in the following year my grandmother passed away.

Throughout these photographs, which capture images of his small everyday life in this rural town, I try to reach out to them, and to engage in a dialogue with them once again.

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