Terra Nostra by Mimi Mollica


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Terra Nostra by Mimi Mollica

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Far from the glamorous image of gangsters portrayed by Hollywood movies, the reality is bleak, seedy and haunting. Cosa nostra infiltrated local administrations and served itself by influencing politics and the economy while ruling undisturbed throughout the territory.

Terra Nostra is ultimately a labour of love towards a motherland Mimi Mollica overwhelmingly feel attached to and with which he strongly, still identify himself.
Tormented by a traumatic past and challenged by a difficult present his hopes are for Sicily’s bright, and to become stronger and reclaim ownership of its land and protect its people, while keeping on distinguishing itself for its leading role in pursuing justice and equality.

Sicily is a world at war, but Mollica has no intention of recording its bloody battles. His brilliance, rather, lies in his ability to capture the effects of those battles and transforms them into something worthwhile. His work is, “a plea for us Sicilians to claim back ownership of a land stolen by the destructive and pervasive presence of Cosa Nostra.” A plea with all the melancholic elegance of “Chopin Nocturne in E-flat major, Op. 9, No. 2.” Through Mollica’s lens we can see that there is grace amongst the wreckage.
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