You tell me / tu me dis by Titus Simoens


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You tell me / tu me dis by Titus Simoens

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You tell me that “it’s a crazy thing, the power you have when you’re a photographer, you can capture a moment and you own that moment, you can tell someone to look you in the eyes, to take off their dress, to cross their legs”.

I ask you what it means to “be a photographer” and you tell me that that’s what it’s about, to “get the power”.

I try to capture you but you slip away I can’t seem to catch you, I tell you “no” it’s not that, that’s not you.

You explain to me that one should never say such a thing, never say “no” when you are looking for a way to shoot a real photo.

You explain to me that it’s work, that sometimes you just don’t have to say anything, that it’s there, at times you have to say “it’s alright”, “yes, like that” but “no” is impossible, don’t say it when you’re trying to catch the moment.

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