Tell me, how do you pronounce a hyphen by Julia Mejnertsen


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Tell me, how do you pronounce a hyphen by Julia Mejnertsen

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At 24, I changed my life for the first time. I packed my bags and left my home country. 6 years later, I had lived 5 of them abroad in 3 different countries on 3 different continents and returning home was a shock. Everything had stayed the same, yet everything was different. You see, I thrive living a rootless life, never knowing what’s behind the next corner. But at my return, I suddenly came to realize that being rootless could also make me feel insecure and fragile.

I no longer knew, where I belonged and while that feeling still excites me to this day, increasingly I just felt lost. I looked at the people, who had stayed behind and lived the life that was laid out for them with steady jobs and new kitchens and children on their way, and I felt superior, because I had had the courage to leave; I had had the courage to live consciously and not automatically. However, increasingly I also felt envious. Envious of the deep roots they had grown. I never stayed long enough anywhere to make anything grow, and all of the sudden I felt as if the slightest wind would make me fall, not fly. Well, I only have myself to blame. I tend to be my worst self, when I am in my homeland, I am bored, I am boring, I go through the motions and life becomes bland, colourless and tasteless, and while they all think I am oh so courageous to take up and leave, what they don’t understand is that in reality the courageous thing for me would be to stay.

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