TEIKAI -Wandering at midnight- de Daisuke Yokota


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TEIKAI (Wandering at midnight) is the second part of the TEIKAI trilogy in progress by Daisuke Yokota and AKINA.
TEIKAI is a lonesome midnight drift through the outer edges of the city exploring the human obsession of reaching for the sky, circling around industrial areas and the construction sites’ modern wasteland, where the dreams of suburbia haven’t yet been dreamt.

TEIKAI -Wandering at midnight- is Daisuke Yokota’s notebook of the winding path at night towards the city through secondary roads and cul-de-sac, turning the familiar into uncanny, building a parallel universe of where every-day objects retrieve the mystery of their shapes.

About the trilogy: the kanji writing of TEIKAI has many meanings. One of the them is “to linger”, to stay a bit longer. Another meaning is: to wander at midnight. When taken out of context there’s no way to tell which is the intended meaning, starting from this ambiguity of language and word Daisuke Yokota’s started working on the TEIKAI trilogy, currently a work in progress. There’s no way to know where this midnight wandering will lead.

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