Taratine by Daisuke Yokota book + framed poster


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Taratine by Daisuke Yokota book + framed poster

Taratine by Daisuke Yokota is a limited edition print and framed poster, published by Session Press,
The frame comes with an anti-reflective ArtGlass.

Entangled by the roots of the mythical Taratine tree, the women of Yokota’s life (mother and girlfriend) are united in this work. Taratine is a confessional ode to these women, to love – a delirious journey that weaves the precious frailty of a maternal love with the climactic desire of a sexual love.

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The frame and the book can only be picked up at the Bookshop or send us an email
with the details of how you want the frame to be shipped.

Framed with love by Atelier Neess