Tales to entertain the dead – vol.1 by Nehama


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Tales to entertain the dead – vol.1 – Penis witch and lost lovers by Nehama

Influenced by William Burroughs scrapbooks and Surrealists movement, Nehama is bringing us, in is first book, tales to entertain the dead vol. i penis witch & lost lovers a psycho geographic madness, in a narcotic trip in our nervous system, interrogating our very notion of reality.

The work is like a grimoire, questioning many aspects of Johannesburg and most towns in South Africa.

Nehame was quickly enthralled by their nonsensical yet deep narratives, it read like beat poetry, pop art, automatic writing.

This spell book act like a city, a web of Dadaist messages, that don’t need you, because it knows where to get you.

In the end of the book, you will be tied up to the mast of the ship of fools, asking for more.

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