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Stop taking pictures of:… by Joaquín Ruina

a bottle of ketchup,
a light bulb hanging from the ceiling,
a clock on the wall,
a close-up of your red haired friend,
a day in the forest close to a lake with your friends,
a mattress in the street leaning against a wall,
a pathway going nowhere,
a shop sign saying open/closed/exit,
a single cloud in the sky,
a street full of signs,
a tree standing out in the middle of nowhere,
abandoned places,
big plastic donuts/ice-cream/fictional heroes,
black people wearing orange/sky blue/green/yellow,
broken wire fences,
Coney Island,
covered cars,
crowded swimming pools/beaches,
Elvis Presley,
empty car parks during night/ day,
empty motel rooms,
food on the table,
friends staring down/right/left,
goal posts,
homeless people looking straight into the camera or just homeless people in general,
houses at night,
houses engulfed by fog,
landscapes like deserts/forests/big cities/ villages,
lines on the floor,
natural landscapes vs tall buildings in china,
nuclear power stations,
old bars,
old Cadillacs no matter the angle,
old paintings on the wall,
old theme parks,
palm trees,
people on their own,
people floating in the water
people who are fat/ thin/ tall/ short
petrol stations,
phone booths,
religious artifacts,
roller coasters,
shop windows,
someone or something behind a mirror making the image blurred or distorted,
someone sat down on the bed,
someone smoking,
someone’s back,
someone’s bedroom,
tattooed people,
television on/off,
traffic signs,
train tracks,
U.S. flags,
unfinished bridges,
unfinished puzzles,
water towers in the middle of nowhere,
weird people,
your father looking at the window with the sunlight setting on his face,
your friend in bed,
your friend looking sad.

70 x 100 cm / 500 ex

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