Stones & roses by Mathieu Gargam


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Stones & Roses by Mathieu Gargam

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Stones structures – remnants of monuments or buildings, among which we find a number of natural “edifices”, shaped by erosion and flowers, this double typology is the essence of this work.

One of the truly photographic aspects of this book is to lend equal importance to the two opposing types of image thanks to modification in relative scale that the reproduction of the photographs allows.
If a flower seems insignificant at the foot of a building, within the layout of the book – that of the page or even double page spread – they take on equal proportions.

Above and beyond the two subjects explicitly expressed in Stones and Roses, the real point of such a book is the ambivalence of the document and the monument – “Everything that is a ‘monument’ for somebody acts as a ‘document’ for somebody else and vice versa”, stated Panofsky – as well as the manner in which the photographic vision is conceived as an invitation to maintain “an acquisitive relation to the world”. by Jerôme Dupeyrat

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