Stills by Katrien De Blauwer


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Stills by Katrien De Blauwer

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stills is the result of a dialogue between Katrien de Blauwer and the music of Danny Clay. De Blauwer calls herself a “photographer without a camera.” The Belgian artist collects and recycles pictures and photos from old magazines and newspapers to create stunning collages of distant mood and place. These fragmentary images evoke faded memories that are quickly brought to the fore. In turn, the viewer becomes a character in De Blauwer’s stories.

The Janus-like nature of the presentation is reflected in the work of each artist. Katrien De Blauwer creates photographic collages that evoke distant memories and immediate longings. Mysterious spliced images, stolen from the past, are given new context. Sepia-toned images nestle against each other for comfort. The book is big (30 cm x 22 cm), but not heavy; the images are given room to breathe, one on each page.
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