Stardust by Amy Friend


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Stardust by Amy Friend

Photos taken as messages to be sent to a lady love or distant fiancé: gaze melancholic or fixed, turned to a far-off horizon or lost in thought, tender embraces, souvenirs and promises of long-awaited reunions.

Amy Friend prefers imaginary worlds to reality. She wants to use photography as the medium bringing an opportunity to explore the relationship between the visible and the non-visible, sometimes even giving new life to images.

The images collected and chosen by Amy Friend are striking for their beauty and poetry, mainly black and white, with just a few given refined, delicate hints of colour. Landscapes, woods and lakes are painted as if by an Impressionist hand, portraits in the pre-Raphaelite spirit or with orientalist inspiration, compositions reminiscent of illustrations advertising illusionist shows … the album is quite varied.

Throngs of tiny lights of mysterious provenance seem to emanate from the places and characters themselves, confirming Amy Friend’s theory of what is visible and non-invisible. In daylight they penetrate the atmosphere and speak of hope; at dusk they inhabit skies where they seem to project dreams.
Laura Serani

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