Some Thesis on Photography by Gytis Skudzinskas


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Some Thesis on Photography by Gytis Skudzinskas

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Gytis Skudzinskas’ creative methodics and philosophy can be identified as a certain metaphysics of photography or even radiology of photography. He has no interest in the image as such; what is central in his work is the innards of the image, the underlying principles of its functioning, or its placement in a wider contextual system. Skudžinskas often abandons any physical artefacts of photography entirely by substituting them with the signs of a different kind—for example, texts. In other words, instead of capturing recognisable fragments of reality, his art focuses on the relational network between the images, their meanings and contexts, their margins and back sides, spaces both physical and imaginary, automatisms of perception, and cliches.

Jurij Dobriakov

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