Silent Histories by Kazuma Obara


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Silent Histories by Kazuma Obara

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During the Pacific War, approximately 330,000 citizens were killed and 430,000 were injured by the United States aerial bombings in Japan. The terrifying fire spread to more than 2 million homes. Within this preposterous damage, a great number of children were killed and injured. A newborn baby was burned and lost her left leg.
A shard from a bomb hurt a 6-year-old girlʼs leg. A 15-year-old boy’s entire body was burned.
A 10-year-old girl suddenly became an orphan.

Japan dramatically revived itself from the death and ruins of the Second World War. This magnificent restoration is known as the “Japanese economic miracle”. However, contrasting with this glorious recovery, the injured children had to struggle to survive with their new handicaps. They grew up in a society that forced them to live in silence, to remain quiet about the horrors of their past.

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