Shenasnameh by Amak Mahmoodian Special Ed.


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Shenasnameh by Amak Mahmoodian

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Six years ago, I was waiting in a reception room, holding the birth certificates of my mother and me. We looked similar in our ID photographs. That same day my fingerprint was fixed next to my image, and my mother’s fingerprint next to her image. Despite the outward similarity of the images the fingerprints were different; the scar I had on my finger became part of my identity next to my photograph. I decided this meant something, that our identities were entwined with these official identities, with these prints and these papers. In the following three years, I collected similar images and fingerprints from different women in Iran. Each was different from the other, and had a story to tell. AMAK

Shortlisted for the the 2016 British Book Design and Production Award
Shenasnameh: An Interview with Amak Mahmoodian

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