Šeškus – Algirdas Šeškus


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What is remarkable in Šeškus is the freedom with which he photographed. It seems that nothing matters contrary to amateur photographers are in general it does not seek to make pretty pictures, or to be informative. His eye wanders and captures fleeting emotions. It adapts random frames where large voids occupy part of “poorly done”, and approximations.

When photographs of naked women, models are ordinary women, its landscapes are not exceptional and street scenes are those of everyday life. But above that, he appropriates the defects caused by faulty equipment or movies poorly manufactured. And runny edges, perforations cropping the image, or as involuntary exposures, overlays, scratches or traces of gelatin are all torn graphic and plastic materials that make the singularity of a work that is meant to be poetic. To strengthen this stylistic “amateur”, the author lets his pictures without titles, do not specify the time when the date of the decision, and pass the standard principles of exposure œuvres.Ainsi with its wobbly images, not trying to keep track of the world, but to say his presence in the world. – JM Lacabe

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