Self/Portrait by Teresa Eng


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Self/Portrait by Teresa Eng

Signed and numbered.
Housed in a dichroic slipcase.
Each with a 8 x 10″ lambda print (signed & numbered), Certificate of authenticity and envelope.

Self/Portrait is about contemporary China and its millennial generation. This generations’ outward presentation of ‘self’ contrasts with their parents and grandparents. Not only have they grown up as digital natives, they are also the first generation in China to be born into a society already transitioning to capitalism.

Self/Portrait by Teresa Eng

Teresa Eng was interested in how this projection expresses this notion of ‘self’ in this newly individualised society. Identities are shaped through experimentations in clothing, hairstyles and poses. Underlying this self discovery is also the need to belong. By adhering to a specific style, one can become part of a tribe.

Self/Portrait by Teresa Eng

Eng approached strangers in a commercial shopping centre in Chongqing to photograph their portrait. The immense ever-changing LED advertisements provided the lighting. Each title originates from the subject’s QQ user handle. QQ is a Chinese messaging software platform that allows users to connect online. Unlike Western user handles which can be personalised, QQ assigns each user an ID number of 9 – 10 digits.

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