Schlecker by Rafa Castells


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Schlecker by Rafa Castells

Schlecker is the first book of Rafa Castells and the first book of Newfoundland.
All came from a chance meeting at a concert of Don The Tiger, which began Rafa and editor talking about the possibility of doing something together and ended with the idea practically developed and a first date to discuss how it started .
Rafa had at that time, hundred images and filed in a drawer in his room, because he photographed at a faster pace than he could develop.
It was absurd, randomly pact, as is everything in life. There would be perhaps the best photos from Rafa, and would have a consistency of any kind, it would be a review of the last months of his life groupe, and a commitment to publicly display some pictures he had done with the simple intention of documenting the day to day.
Once revealed the images had to be selected from nearly 3000 photographs and start a process of sorting and editing that took months and met very different process.
With contributions from Ana Dominguez, the book finally took a luminous speech, from the morning to the total black of night, accompanied by a progressive merger between pink and blue, symbolizing the transition from night to day and which are the colors of the reels 100 and 200 ASA sold in stores of the German franchise Schlecker.

Terranova the publisher

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