Santa Barbara shame on us by Alejandro Cartagena


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Santa Barbara shame on us by Alejandro Cartagena

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Hey, you fools, look at this. Your world is a tinderbox, and if you don’t get wise quick, it will all burn to ashes.

The current state of things in “America” has created a greater divide and contrast socially and especially politically. As such, the book carefully suggests and addresses these issues that need no literal explanation but an almost theatrical approach to feel the surface and see the inside of the decline of an empire.

When Alejandro saw Santa Barbara’s red tile roofs and stately State Street, the big houses with sea views, he wasn’t fooled. The wealth here is built on quicksand, the pictures in this book are saying, and we better watch out. I’m also drawn to the historical paintings. Given his residency, I’m sure they come from the museum’s collection. But he didn’t shoot the pretty sunset paintings.

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