The restoration will by Mayumi Suzuki




The restoration will by Mayumi Suzuki

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the book remains touching and moving even after repeated viewings.

The 2011 tsunami in Japan destroyed this artist’s home, decimated her father’s photo studio, and took the lives of her parents. After the disaster, she picked up her father’s camera and created a moving tribute to her lost family.

“Restoration” means the recovery of something or recovery of the mind. I tried to restore many things in this project, for example, I looked through the eyes of the deceased with my father’s lens and also I recovered his portfolio. In addition, “Will” means willing, including suggesting the future. Who’s willing in this title? Is it my will to restore my father’s testament? What did my parents want to give us as their last message when they were dying? This question was the basis of this project. Taking photos through my father’s lens was a way to see this and have a conversation with the deceased again.

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