Renjishi by Ryo Kusumoto


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Renjishi by Ryo Kusumoto

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This is a story of Fumiko Yamato, a Japanese dancer. Though highly acclaimed both domestically and internationally, she has long been considered as a misfit or unorthodox within the circle of traditional Japanese dance. While following the structure of her signature performance “Renjishi”, my attempt in this book is to visually represent her life that broke through the wild side, the difficulty and ambivalence in exchanging the art and love.

Now at the age of 77, she had been active on the forefront of the post-war dance society’s most flourished era and continued to dance. She had given up the life as a woman, abandoned respected company and performing on stages of high regards. Those traits signify the fact that she is completely different from usually strict and often conservative Japanese traditional dancers.

During the research, I found a picture of her taken around the time she started dancing. I felt that the wormhole, which drilled through her whole body in the picture, was a strong metaphor that talks eloquently about the period of her hunger for affection, and consequently what fulfilled it.By casting a light both to her existence on the stage and off, I captured the life of a dancer who travels back and forth between the imaginary and the real world.


Duplication, collage, reboosting and connecting of impressions, I organized in multiple layers using various photographic methodologies while looking back over 70 years. This work is a tribute and a new interpretation of the classical piece “Renjishi”,

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