Reconstrucción by Rosana Simonassi


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Reconstrucción by Rosana Simonassi

Rosana Simonassi (Argentina), reenacts photographs that involve the death of women that have been publicised in the media. These cases have become widely circulated and Simonassi’s work seeks to interpret the value of the distribution of such images in the public domain.

In addressing the images of the dead female body, she questions both the role of the media in broadcasting images of these deaths, but also pontificates about the potential of the audience, whose morbid fascination while often horrified, refuse and consume the images, simultaneously.

The author also contemplates the rising tension between the desire of watching the printed photographs of the dead female body and the impossibility, limited by the book’s construction, of seeing it complete.
The harshness of the used materials evokes disaffection and sordidness, contained in the original publication of the images, commenting on how veiled and inaccessible death is as well as the violent loneliness of publishing it.


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