Rebuts, charognes, décombres by Julie Hascoët


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Rebuts, charognes, décombres by Julie Hascoët

Folio I

Folio I is the first part of a new series of photobooks treating specifically about the work of a unique photographer.
With this Folio series, we aim at providing a photographic work closer to the study, than just a random series.
The selected works have been picked to catch a particular atmosphere, this way, we want our readers not feeling any beginning nor finality, while respecting the work of the artist and her photographic tread.
Regarding the form, it tends toward the school booklet drafts, to be in harmony with the content.

For this first edition, we decided to show the work of Julie Hascoët, who graduated from the Ecole Nationale Superieure de la Photographie in 2012. Her work expands the practice of photography on rather general search within installations or though the publishing practice.

Julie is part of the ZINES OF THE ZONE

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