RDHK by André Cepeda


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RDHK by André Cepeda

Only signed copies of this 100 copies print run sold out title.

Cepeda’s images echoes a street, a light, a spot of grease by having experienced it, by having strolled around the neglected areas of cities, zones that seem to be located in a time out of joint.

Cepeda, in New York City since May for an artist residency, presents an unprecedented set of images produced during this period.

One can say that they are still fresh. Even more if we think that he photographs in analogical which can be thought as the first counter-gesturing proposed by his practice. It is an act of resistance in the era of the digital, of speediness and of the instantaneous that we live in.

The second counter-gesture is that in order to deliver the images collected, or in other words to spatialize the time occurred, the views taken of street grounds, under a viaduct, a frontier – structures that can be positioned in large as horizontals – resulted in vertical images; uniquely in Cepeda’s photographic work.

RDHK by Andre Cepeda Tipibookshop

No doubt that we live in an era of verticality albeit we long (we must) to move towards a horizontality in society, politics, and economics.

One of the images of thought proposed by Walter Benjamin in his “Theses on the Philosophy of History” in order to think about time and history is that one should brush history against the grain, and deal with what was left behind by the victorious, what remained after the empire’s destruction, what was invisible at some point in time. It does seem to be this invisible time and forgotten spaces that Cepeda encounters At the eye’s ground.

RDHK by Andre Cepeda Tipibookshop

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