Prophet + Proliferation by Geert Goiris


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These are the unsealed sold out copy and the latest book by Geert Goiris.

Proliferation suggests a timelessness and contained restlessness through its potential narratives of place and collective memory.
Labyrinthine trees, strange rock formations, contemplative figures, man-made objects and wide mountain landscapes work together to instil a sense of serenity in the observer, yet one that evokes a certain tension, a primal longing generated by the environments Goiris portrays. Included is an insightful essay by Jean-Paul Felley and Olivier Kaeser.

Prophet in the other hand trigger a trouble, because nothing in them is staged or fabricated. They all come from the reality of our own world, no doubt foreign to the eyes of many, but familiar to the artist’s. It is the essence of his work, operating at the limit between natural and urban landscapes, reality and fiction, nature and humanity, by bestowing an actual dimension to the utopian.

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