I print with 500,000 volts by Luke Evans


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I print with 500,000 volts by Luke Evans

A 40 page monograph for artist Luke Evans and the first printed record of his project ‘Xero’. “Evans prints with over five hundred thousand volts to show the hidden patterns in static electricity.” 18 specimens selected by the artist have been meticulously reproduced by Push Print in an attempt to bring the densely textured beauty of the original works to the printed page.

Printing with 500,000 volts, the prints are the result of taking apart an old laser printer and manually copying the process to reveal the hidden patterns in static electricity. Using a van de Graaff generator, Luke finds it hard to avoid being electrocuted: “If I get too close, the current passes through me and into the ground.”
The electrical field is destroyed through the process, thus each edition is completely unique. (the prints not the book)

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