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The book “19.06_26.08.1945” by Andrea Botto was produced in memory of the return journey that the grandfather of the artist made from the Nazi prisoner-of-war camps between the19th of June and the 26th of August 1945, travelling south through Europe from Northern Germany to Tuscany. It is dedicated to all the Italian Military Internees who shared this terrible experience with him.

The images were collected from the Internet in August 2010 by typing the names of the towns they went through and the year, for example “Hanover 1945”, saving the link to the original file. The reproduced colour documents, scale 1:1, are taken from a small notebook that belonged to Botto grandfather, from his passport and from the letters sent and received by his family during his period of imprisonment.

Primo Benedetti, died on January 27th 2010, Holocaust Memorial Day.

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