Post war stories by claudia heinermann, indré šerpytytė and michal iwanowski


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The photography exhibition “Post-war Years” is a visual story about post-war years in Lithuania which actualises the past anew.
Artists presented in the exhibition belong to the young and middle generation of creators who have not suffered from the horror of war directly. Still, their photographic series are related with the dramatic stories of their families and the nation in the post-war Lithuania.

The book is divided in 3 parts giving an insight view on how the 3 artists handle the interview and the covered topics.
Claudia Heinerann with her “Wolf Children” series:

in 1945 when the Red Army conquered East Prussia, Königsberg was destroyed while the entire civilian population was forced to flee or be killed. Several ten thousand children were ledt behind or orphaned. Roaming the countryside and forest in small groups looking for food and shelter they were soon called “Wolf children” (Wolfskinder in German). Crossing the Neman River many strayed to Lithuania begging for bread and leftovers while moving from one homestead to another.

Michal Iwanowski with Clear of people series:

In 1945, my grandfather and his brother were deported from Lithuania to a war prison in Kaluga, Russia. THey escaped and crossed over 2200 km on their way to Poland, where they were reunited with their family.
In 2012 and 2013 i retraced their epic journey and documented it from the perspective of a fugitive – staying ‘clear of people’. The journey took me from Kaluga, Russia, accross Belarus, Lithuania, to Wroclaw, Poland, where my grandfather had found home and lived to be 92.

Indrė Serpytytė with Former NKVD-MVD-MGB-KGB Buildings series:

In 1944 a Cold War began, a war that was brutal, inhumane. A war that has now been almost forgotten.
These are the houses abandoned by the partisans, in many villages and towns, domestic dwellings were attained by the KGB, they where turned into offices, jails, torture places.
The photographer had the addresses, made pictures, brought them to a woodcarver and got back these wooden models

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