Portland by Eric Antoine


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Port Land is a testament to the power of self motivation that most skateboarders posses.
Europe’s biggest DIY park was built in the summer of 2012 by about 40 like minded skateboard addicts.
Driven by the desire to define their own surroundings and rules, they spent 3 month to hand shape 80m3 of concrete into a greyscale paradise.

Eric Antoine sees it as a living space, a playground but also an assemblage of sculpture.
He shot architecture, the surroundings and the protagonists of Port Land on glass,
using the wet collodion process.

The striking contrast that results from this ancient photography technique
and a modern activity is reinforced by the use of concrete frames.

The essence of this singular work is the need to make things yourself and learning the hard way.
The Port Land makers an Antoine are bound by their love for the autonomous work
with an organic and a noble material: Concret and glass.

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