¡Pírate! by Sybren Vanoverberghe


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Pirate by Sybren Vanoverberghe

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Pirate by Sybren Vanoverberghe

Let me leave
let me follow
let me escape the sorrow

“It’s the entanglement”
she says to me
and I can only nod

Pirate by Sybren Vanoverberghe

We go in opposite directions
that might lead to the same new places
my plan was to be humble
but instead I got lost

On the edge of the city
where the ivy is stronger than the concrete,
where it climbs to higher freedom than we will ever know
nature shows her powerful hand

Pirate by Sybren Vanoverberghe

It is not a journey
it is the diary of a vagabond
trying to reach the edge
and then come back again
only to greet his mother
Poem by Loeke Vanhoutteghem

Printed in Riso at topocopy

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