Photography by Koji Kitagawa


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Photography 写真 by Koji Kitagawa

In creating, I get a lot from the process itself. If the image is complete before I’ve fully worked on it, it doesn’t hold much meaning for me.

Koji Kitagawa has been a member of the SPEW collective with Daisuke Yokota et Naohiro Utagawa, an experience he describes as “being in a car launched at full speed”. Since 15 years, Koji Kitagawa., on his own, Koji Kitagawa has been producing series that he distributes in the form of simple, plain editions. This book is an anthology compiling his obsessive series one after the other.

My daily life and my work are always tied together, so what’s going on in the work is always a hint to what I’m thinking about as I go along. The sequencing is important to an extent.

I don’t want there to be any story or artificiality to it; having one correct interpretation isn’t important, Neither are essential for one’s imagination. Imagination is always at the beginning. The accidental element is essential.”

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