Perigee by Paul Gaffney


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Perigee by Paul Gaffney

The Signed copies of Perigee are made of 2 books connected by magnetic covers.

The polaroids, soberly assembled in the smallest, white volume on pages with a Japanese fold, are deliberately overexposed, almost turning them into negatives. Tree trunks, branches and bushes stand brightly against a gray or black background, as if they were abstract etchings.
In the nightly color images, printed widely on thick pages in an elegant black volume, branches and twigs draw the most whimsical figures. The cold moonlight hastily strokes them along the edges. Sometimes it feels as if you are staring into the endless depth of the universe, rather than in the darkness of the forest.

The spiritual detail is in the design. The two volumes form opposite poles: yin and yang, white and black, positive and negative, earth and celestial body. Bring both books together and they interlock magnetically, making the two half-moons on the back form a full moon. So it comes full circle, concept and images coincide wonderfully, and the universe, for the time being, remains elusive.

Interview with Eugenie Shinkle on american suburb x: “An Interview with Paul Gaffney
Text on Paul Gaffney on the Standaard website by Stefan Vanthuyne

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