Passer par le feu de Sophie Fougy


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Passer par le feu de Sophie Fougy

When you go through the fire there are things that are burnt and things that persist.

Youth goes through fire, it weakens it and reveals it. Time has passed by fire: here it is burned, irradiated.

The blooming, the full bloom, these images are those of a past season. Friendship, joy, experimentation, cross-dressing, wandering. The photographs are traces of a bygone past and the persistence of a love.

These photos were found in the bric-a-brac of an artist’s studio, at the bottom of a somewhat forgotten box. A first selection was made in this stack of color slides.
This selection was burned during a fire. The plastic boxes and the frames of the slides have melted, but the images have survived, protected in the cardboard from the flames. These images are the survivors of time and this accident. They are also the persistence of a desire that gave birth to this book.

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