Palimpsest by Philippe Braquenier


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Palimpsest by Philippe Braquenier

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Noun pa-limp-sest pa-l m(p)- sest, p - lim(p)- : a very old document on which the original writing has been erased and replaced with newer writing. : something that has changed over time and shows evidence of that change.

The capacity to remember is propelling through a transformative chapter. The substratum of human memory is slowly collapsing as more and more information is saved and externalised on hard drives and online cloud services. While the mankind’s burgeoning desire is to rescue every bit of data from obscurity and safeguard scientific and cultural knowledge for future civilisations, remembering as a hominal act, seems to be turning into an increasingly fragile constitution; perhaps even more so than forgetting.

Philippe Braquenier’s Palimpsest is a project that crops up from this hastily progressing technological landscape. In architecture, the word palimpsest is used to refer to the accumulation of design elements in a particular place over time. Braquenier’s Palimpsest avows the historical tiers of architectural and environmental fabric that nest in conjunction with the digital matter hidden from the view. The project bears witness to the infrastructures of information repositories; libraries, data centres and both natural and built environments that conceal a strong, although not always an oblivious archival reference. Words by Dana Benlakhdar

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