Orbit by Tom Callemin


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Orbit by Tom Callemin

Signed and numbered copies, Concept: Lara Kinds, Bieke Depoorter & Tom Callemin

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In Orbit different projects from Belgian artist Tom Callemin, made in the past four years, are compiled and accompanied by short descriptions to give insights on how the images came about. The book is designed as a binder with foldouts.

In this manner a concept is created that gives each work ample space and slows down the viewing experience.

The title Orbit refers to the principal theme in the book, which is ‘time’ and the idea of things reoccurring within it. Some images explicitly refer to these ‘orbits’ by portraying the moon or the sun on their path, which is humans‘ way to measure the passage of time.

Some merely capture the flash of a moment that is hard to catch with the naked eye. In each of the described projects the camera is set up to make something visible within the layers of time.

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