Only the plants will ever know by Wysocka & Pogo


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Only the plants will ever know by Wysocka & Pogo

Signed copies only of this limited 200 print run

The book combines two stories, which run parralel within the narrative and create a visual dialog with each other: a collection of 25 found negatives and a series of photographs found in ‘The Great Plant Dictionary’ originally published in 1972.

The selection of those photographs was inspired by the story of one of the biggest, most rare and intriguing plants in the world—Amorphophallus Titanum, which translates as ‘giant misshapen penis’ —also commonly known as the Corpse Flower.

The viewing of the flowering Corpse Plant was forbidden to young women by English governesses when one of the first plants of this type began to bloom for the first time in UK. A little cardboard box found by chance in summer of 2020 contains a collection of black and white slides, which show rephotographed pages of a porn magazine with a stamped date of 20th of July 1970.

Looking through these amateur photographs is an intimate experience of viewing the bespoke magazine pages through someone else’s eyes. The act of visual and material transformation by Wysocka and Pogo is reclaiming this view. The images are further cropped, reframed and reorganised in a meticulous way to then be reprinted using artists’ own developed technique— a distortion of the offset and risograph printed sheets in an effort to recreate a uniquely textured, soft, metallic graphite impressions, which resemble the look and feel of the original slides.

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