One Last Goodbye by Jehsong Baak


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One Last Goodbye by Jehsong Baak

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The book returns to the photographer’s early days in New York, from 1987 to 1990. One Last Goodbye unfolds this period with an intimate photographic story about relationships – to others, to survival, to photography, and to self. Pictures introduce the viewer to friends, lovers, family, and neighbors of that time as well as the backdrop of the city itself.

One Last Goodbye by Jehsong Baak Tipibookshop

Interspersed with the early pictures are images from 2002 and 2013, return visits to the city, with haunting portraits of Baak’s father and contemplative views of the streets of New York.

This long journey, paved between these two periods, invites the reader to be an eyewitness to the serene laying to rest of the past.

One Last Goodbye by Jehsong Baak Tipibookshop

Jehsong Baak has produced a wonderful series of images that have the capacity to leave a permanent imprint on one’s mind. Not only has he been able to create photographs with the power to transform consciousness, but the images have the capacity to take the viewer back to another time when black and white film dominated the media. One Last Goodbye is a book that has the capacity to be timeless…

Roger Ballen

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