Old family photos and deep sky objects by Alla Mirovskaya


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Old family photos and deep sky objects by Alla Mirovskaya

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The starting point for the project was discovering an old family album made by my grandmother. Creating family albums was part of the tradition of maintaining family archives in the Soviet Union, as a rule, by women. Albums were created over many years. Photos were pasted in chronological order, noting the main events in a family’s life: birthdays, weddings, family gatherings, holidays, travels on vacation.

In the project I am working with my own personal archive, including photos, letters, greeting cards. These photos have been taken by the my family members, myself and unknown photographers in photo studios in Russia and the Soviet Union since 1900s until now. The sequence of the project includes the images of deep sky objects – nebulae, galaxies, supernovas made by the US space telescopes Hubble and Chandra. The use of space images in the project shows commonality in the nature of old photos and remote deep sky objects existing at giant distances in the Universe.
Red color which tints a few shots, emphasizes blood ties of the people in the photographs, as well as their communist past.

The result of the work on the project “Old family photos and deep sky objects” is restoration and preservation of the tradition of keeping family albums, which is gradually being lost in the digital era, as well as a kind of act of memory of past generations.

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