North Point by Hiroyuki Nakai


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North Point by Hiroyuki Nakai

“North Point” is a selection of 72 photographs of Hachinohe City in Northern Japan, chosen by Daido Moriyama from over 500 shots left behind by his friend, the photographer Hiroyasu Nakai. Nakai, who was born in Hachinohe, started working as a photographer after graduating from Eikoh Hosoe’s photography workshop in 1976. In the late 80s, he established the gallery “Hokuten” (North Point) in his hometown. Commenting on his work, Moriyama described Nakai as a photographer who ” integrated himself into his environment with a deep understanding.”

While looking through the prints of my recently passed friend, I was most impressed with the way his camera work proved the astringency of his line of sight. The best of the photographs were, more than anything else, taken in his hometown of Hachinohe.
Not merely a record of a rustic spirit nor a simple love of a hometown, photographer Hiroyasu Nakai’s pictures work with a wider perspective and deeper field of view. He was truly able to forge a pathway through the cultural landscape and environment of Tohoku.

— from Daido Moriyama’s afterword


Book design by Satoshi Machiguchi

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