Noces ou les confins sauvages by Hélène David


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Noces ou les confins sauvages by Hélène David

Noces or the borders of wilderness is a contemporary story on the borders of the real and the marvelous.

Throughout the pages, the photographer Hélène David offers a crossing of the Mediterranean coast, as an extension of the intimate and the familiar, but also a place of possible emergence for the fantastic and the mythologies; a dive she shares with the poet Donatien Garnier and the duo of graphic designers formed by Gildas Secretin and Alexandre Rivault. Céline Pévrier.

Bridging the gap between form and substance, seeking to translate the editorial intention into volume. Here, the book is thought of as a body, the shapes play with the relief of the paper and each element is chosen to « make a sign ».

Noces invites the reader to an exploration of the coast of the creeks, perceived as a space of dialogue between the sea, the beasts and the men.

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