No Pleasure Cruise by Sjoerd Houben


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No Pleasure Cruise by Sjoerd Houben

Using the ‘World Happiness Report’ as a starting point for this project, Houben started by questioning the legitimacy of man’s search to control happiness. The project touches various subjects, but still keeps the concept of happiness at its core.

While examining the concept of happiness, Houben comes to several different lines of questions; “How do people try to be happy?”, “How do people conduct their search for happiness?”, “How do people show that they’re happy?”, “Can happiness be physically and visually be represented (without being merely an illustration)?”.

No Pleasure Cruise by Sjoerd Houben

The project is a research into what the medium of photography has to offer in terms of concept forming and visual substance. Houben questions how the photographic medium deals with abstract concepts and the way these concepts find their way back into the image.

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